Thursday, January 18, 2024

Crovalimab trial in India in children and adults

Just a few weeks back, we posted this article where we alerted Indian aHUS patients to a trial on Iptacopan, an oral aHUS drug. And now there is another trial for aHUS patients for the drug Crovalimab from Roche.

Crovalimab is a complement inhibitor which can be administered to patients recently diagnosed with aHUS. The Phase III trial is for both adults and children who have not yet progressed to kidney failure (are dialysis dependent). 

You can find more details about the trial including the inclusion and exclusion criteria here: 



While Indian sites are not yet listed on these websites, we have confirmed information that one of the sites is Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon where Dr. Sidharth Sethi, eminent and reputed Pediatric Nephrology is conducting this trial. He can be reached at

This is an earnest request to all nephrologists and other doctors who come across aHUS patients in India. Please take this opportunity to enrol your patients into these trials. Until now, aHUS patients had nowhere to turn to. We no at least have trials happening in the country which should hopefully, pave the way for general availability in due course.